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When you stay at Eden Pines Inn, you'll have easy access to the many attractions the Rockport, Massachusetts area has to offer. Take a day trip to Thacher Island, with it's unique set of twin lighthouses. Or stroll through Bearskin Neck, with it's numerous unique shops, great restaurants, and classic art galleries. And don't forget Rockport's many beaches, including the popular Front Beach, located along Sandy Bay.

Motif #1 (Rockport's Famous Fishing Shack)

Motif #1, located on Bradley Wharf in Rockport harbor, is a replica of a fishing shack often called "the most often-painted building in America.". The original fishing shack was built in 1840 and was destroyed during the Blizzard of 1978 but an exact replica was constructed that same year.  Motif # 1 was used to house fishermen's supplies and daily catches for years, then became an artist's studio in the 1930s and then finally serves as a city-owned monument to the area's veterans.

Downtown Rockport (Bearskin Neck)

Bearskin Neck is one of Rockport's most scenic locations. This small strip of land, jutting out from downtown Rockport into Rockport Harbor, is filled with quaint shops and studios, art galleries, and restaurants. It's also the location for Motif #1, the famous red fishing shack, known as the most-painted building in the United States.

Some of the businesses you'll find on Bearskin Neck include SeaBags, Rockport Candle Company, Roy Moore Lobster Company, Top Dog, and the Art Nook.

If you decide to visit Bearskin Neck, make sure to set aside plenty of time to explore all the unique attractions this section of Rockport has to offer.

Rockport and Cape Ann Beaches

Rockport - Long, Cape Hedge, Pebble, Old Garden, Front and Back Beach
Gloucester - Good Harbor, Wingaersheek, Plum Cove, Half Moon, Niles, Cressy's and Pavilion Beach
Other - Crane's (Ipwich), Singing (Manchester) 

Rockport is famous for it's many scenic beaches. Most of our beaches offer stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and Thacher Island.

Want to get away from the usual crowds? Try Cape Hedge Beach. This relatively unknown and hard-to-get-to beach is less than a mile from Eden Pines Inn.

Do you prefer a sandy beach and a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere. Head to Long Beach, one of Rockport's largest, and most popular, beaches. Just a couple minute drive from us.

For proximity to downtown Rockport, we recommend Front Beach. Located on Sandy Bay, Front Beach is a very short walk to the downtown area and all it's fantastic attractions. 

Cape Ann Lighthouses (6 in all)

Thacher Island Twin Lighthouses (Rockport), Straitsmouth Island Lighthouse (Rockport),  Eastern Point Lighthouse (Gloucester), Annisquam Harbor Lighthouse (Gloucester),  Ten Pound Island Lighthouse (Gloucester)

Hikes and Walking Trips

Halibut State Park (Rockport), Dogtown (Rockport), Stage Fort Park (Gloucester), Ravenswood (Gloucester), Babson Woods (Gloucester), and Crane Estate (Ipswich)
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Cape Ann Museums & Art Associations

Cape Ann Museum, Essex Peabody, Essex Shipbuilding, and Rockport Art Association 

Day Trips (within 1 hour drive)

Boston, Salem, Newburyport, Portsmouth, NH
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Whale Watching

Whale Watching boats leave out of Gloucester for either half day or full day trips.  The trips head out to Stellwagen Bank, a National Marine Sanctuary, Jeffreys Ledge and Tillies Bank which are all less than 8 miles off the coast from Cape Ann.  Various types of whales including Minke, Sei, Finback, Sperm, Right, Pilot and Beluga whales can be seen during the trip along with dolphins, sea turtles and sharks.